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August 2016


Q: You still include vinyl records to your DJ sets. What makes them so special?

You can hold vinyl in your hands – that’s very special. At the moment most of the music that is released is only digital and you store this music in a folder on your laptop or the usb-stick. I love to have great music in my hand and to store them in my vinyl shelf much more old-school but still cool.
Also playing vinyl is special not every mix is perfect but that’s it and that makes every set special and people listen to that – things happen during a set which you can not plan but in the end: it sounds good especially the dirty touch of this medium like the cracking and random noises. Also this podcast is made by vinyl only.

Q: You planned to move to Istanbul for a while – before the attacks and the politic situation. How do you think about it today and is it still an option?

The political situation is very worrying at the moment and you also note this in clubs. People don’t like to make big party’s there and it is a really tense situation in this country. But still – I love Istanbul a lot – it is a very magical city with a great vibe. I would like to play there, to make people happy with my music and let them forget for a moment what happens outside of the club.
My movement plans to Istanbul are currently on ice. I stay in my hometown Dresden at the moment but if the situation in Turkey becomes more relaxed I will move there for a while. That’s sure.

Q: Which new David Jach releases are coming soon?

My next release will be on “With Compliments” it is a vinyl release called “Back to House EP” with an awesome remix from Okain & AGENT I work at the moment on a co-production with Sven Tasnadi. Be excited – something is coming

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